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The Story of Stanley Funeral Home, Inc.
Our Family Serving your Family" Since 1969

Our Funeral Home was founded by Richard Nathan Stanley, Jr. in the year 1969. He was a Licensed Funeral Director that worked with several funeral home's in the Dublin, Georgia area and the Wrightsville, Georgia area before deciding to own his own funeral home. He dedicated much of his life to the funeral industy because he enjoyed helping others during there time of need.

In 1969 Richard bought a old historic home on South Marcus Strret in Wrightsville, Georgia where he renovated it to give it a modern look and gave it the name Stanley and Son Funeral Home. His son Richard Nathan Stanley, III worked in the family business occasionally when needed until he decided he would like to take this career on further. He went on to Gupton Jones College of Funeral Service in Atlanta where he became a second generation Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer.

In 1973 Richard and his dad began looking at ways to expand the family business and decided to open a second chapel in Dublin, Georgia where Richard N. Stanley, III had grew up all of his life. On January 1, 1974 they purchased a building on Belluvue Avenue which is currently now called the Page House. It was a huge two story house where he operated the families funeral home and the also run the ambulance service routes for the county because back then there wasn't any Emergency Medical Services that we have today.

Finally in 1979 Richard decided that he needed to move the family business to a another location due to not having enough room inside the funeral home, stairways that wasn't convient to people having to climb that wasn't able, and no parking available like a funeral home should have. He moved to 1320 North Jefferson Street in Dublin, Georgia where we currently are today.

Then in February 1996 Richard's father, Richard Nathan Stanley, Jr. passed away. After the death of Richard's father, he decided due to a family situation that he would move the funeral home in Wrightsville, Georgia next door to 309 South Marcus Streeet, Wrightsvillle, Georgia. He decided to change the funeral home name to just Stanley Funeral Home, Inc. His son Richard Nathan Stanley, IV known to family and friends as Nathan worked helping his father around the funeral home during high school. It didn't take him long to decide that this occupation was his calling. He went off to Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service after graduating high school and graduated from mortuary school on February 2, 2000 where he became the families third generation Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer.

This family just seems to have always had a father and son working at the same time. Richard has taught all the family values that his dad tought him over the years to Nathan. In 2003 Richard and Nathan made a tough decision to tear down the original building where our firm started. It was a hard decision to make, but we fill like it was the best decision due to the condition of the building concerning saftey. We are still family owned and operated just like we have always been.

We appreciated the trust you have placed in our family for all these years and hopefully years to come. We pledge to our families to always serve the deceased and there loved ones with the highest dignity, respect and honor that can be given. Thank you for allowing our family to serve your family since 1969.

The Stanley Family

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